What’s Your Workplace MO?

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September 6, 2019

About the show:

What’s your MO in healthcare was inspired by my many years working in healthcare as a marketing and communications professional and my training as a Color Code personality assessment facilitator. Healthcare is going through so many changes as an industry and is under greater scrutiny. Healthcare professionals who take care of patients and the people who take care of the patients are under stress. Clear communications are critical to managing this stress and even enjoying your work. Understanding what your co-workers’ different motivations are is the first step in achieving clear communication with the people you work with and manage in healthcare. Join me in learning about driving core motives and how to create better relationships at moinhealthcare.com or by listening to my podcasts.

About your host, Megan Guido:


I am a blue purist who has been coaching healthcare professionals on how to use the Color Code personality assessment tool to build effective teams and relationships for more than 10 years. Naturally curious about the human condition, I love to delve into the principle of driving core motives to facilitate dramatic changes in people’s lives and the quality of their relationships.  For organizations, that can result in powerful shifts in energy, productivity, and enjoyment of their work.  It can also result in less turn-over and burnout in an industry that is experiencing chronic change and increasing pressures.

To know oneself is truly a gift. That is the gift Color Code provides. I’m here to facilitate that gift and help you know how to use it to build fantastic, productive teams and relationships in your healthcare workplace.  From there, you can understand others.  That’s where the magic begins because now you know how to work with them.

In addition to being a certified Color Code trainer, I am a certified life-coach and help people find their paths of self-awareness and personal growth.  As someone who has worked in healthcare, primarily hospitals, for more than 25 years, I have an insider perspective.  However, I also have a unique perspective because I am not “clinical” so I can observe natural dynamics and hierarchies that take place in hospital settings with an eye toward relationships and communications.  I coach through a lens of understanding how peoples’ core motives can complement or hinder relationships, productivity and can ultimately impact the patient in a positive or negative way.    

I’ve made my living in marketing and communications. I love the power of story-telling and building a relationship with your customer or patient.  Additionally, I study generations in the workforce and speak on how cultural influences by each generation help shape the personalities you work with every day. 

A self-described dabbler, I’ve explored belly-dancing, baton twirling, barre classes, yoga, eating vegan, kayaking and jet-skiing.  Work makes me happy but I have to work at having fun because it doesn’t come naturally!